Straight from the Interns

"I've always loved computers since a very young age, and just played games mostly. When my curiosity got the best of me, I started poking at the computer's hardware and software. Then I discovered the internet. I saw the rapid advancement of technology and knew I had to play a part in it by either designing that kind of stuff, or by using those things. Later, I discovered that people built computers and I was astounded. I wanted to learn more, I wanted to build my own. So I set about researching and found so many cool things, like how impossibly tiny treats components in a CPU are." - Ethan 


"I don’t like, I love tech! I love that you can take a computer and fix it and make the customer happy. I love that you can help other people. I love learning about new tech and how each and every day there can be a new problem to resolve. I love how being an Intern each and every day you can learn something new and go from knowing nothing to knowing almost as much as the tech that work in our schools." - Brian


"I've always had an interest in technology since a young age, and I was usually the one to set up or fix anything electronic we got." - Evan 


"My skills have developed throughout my early life, and with the internship opportunity from IMESD, my skills have begun to flourish. " - Carson


"I got into tech when I was in 7th grade, we had a robotics team and I didn't really have something to help out with so my teacher told me I could help programming the robot. At the time I wasn't a big fan of programming but then I realized it was something I was good at and I liked the thought of making something work. So I leaned a little more about it and all the things I could do with that and there's always something new to learn." - Alea


"I love technology because of all the things it does for us." - Forrest